Sunday, February 11, 2007

What if ?

  • What if Maria , in The Sound of Music had broken into song, like:-

Floyd, Grass and Vodka,
Soft -Po*n and Kafka ,
Violence, and Hitler's Swastika,
These are some of my favorite things.

[Hum it to this-> tune]

  • What if words like Kappaax, Slogyard, Wastage, Flunkyard were added to the Oxford Dictionary:-
George Bush to Tony Blair:-Waazup!, See Maga, We bambooed that Wastage Saddam, Chill Macchi.I told you , I'd Jug something. Kappaax me, you ARbIt-ch !
  • What if I get AIR -1 ,
naaaaaaaa, too far-fetched. 2 is ok.


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