Wednesday, February 07, 2007

2. Am I leading my life to Become Blog-Worthy?

Everyday activities seen with perception, seen in a new light, leads to creative and beautiful passages, and definitely a good read. People like me , leading the kind of life which has very less to offer, nothing too exciting , nothing too exceptional, are perhaps, seeing solace in little things ,the "Choti Si baat" ( for the non-Angrezi ), and perhaps even turning them into splendid events , thus trying to get a feel of something that we never get to experience usually.

Purple flossy brushes oozing with toothpaste, messes with their colourful radio-active sambars, FM' singers with super-nasal powers are an example of that.
No offence to the respective writers. You rock! I just want to illustrate a general opinion that I share with myself.

The blogs that I come across usually exhibit this point, all are human afterall.

Unless of-course it's some lame-ass blog like this one. I hate you Abhishek, I really do.


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