Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ramblings of a Linux User

Some of the thoughts when using Ubuntu for a Day, for the first time.........

To quote, my dear friend, Abhishek Upadhya,

"My name is Abhishek Upadhya. I have used other distros before..And This is my first exclusive trial of Ubuntu. and it is good.. Infact it is so good that I haven't missed windows till now.
Infact it's so good that I'd rather lose windows and miss it forever. Alas, a pity. Bill has lost his chief banta.. "

Also, he writes, in an unrelated, review..........

"People say vi is bad, some even say it's eVIl, ( a foolish wordplay of sorts.). Let me fight back. it is fast,and has all the features that a good text editor must have. True it doesn't have some gay snake games, and a homo psychiatrist program that can be found in a editor written by the great stall-man.. but, seriously who cares!!!, Nothing against StallMan, He's the GURU, the leader, the GNU prophet,, but the man has his share of eccentricities, difficult to comprehend sometimes".

P.S:- I do not share Abhishek's views entirely. The Nostalgia, and the familiarity of Bill-Gates's world is tough to come out of.


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