Sunday, February 11, 2007

I came, I wrote , I went back

GATE, an entrance exam to get into Post graduate streams in Indian colleges , happened to take place in NITK, and I happened to write it.
I woke up , at 7.00 a.m sharp [after a long time] , full with vigour and enthu [ one of my nick-names], what with a don't-care-whatever-happens kind of attitude. When your aspirations are already set to mediocrity, anything better than that is a bonus.
We went to Mysore mess[some more on this mess, in another post] for breakfast. With Masala dosa in the stomach and emptiness in the skulls, our dumb-minds started making cocky jokes; About GATE , what else?
Joke:1- Ee varsha Capuu, Next varsha Recapuu. [ You may Laugh now]

Joke:2 - Rajkumar- If you come today- GATE Ishtyle:-

If u write this year; bamboooo
If you write next year; bambooo
You pick the time,
Aah, Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick
Pick Pick, Pick Pick, Pick Pick.

The main building was bustling with activity, what with 300 odd fellow- wastages, attempting the same exam, and the awesome Aradhana-07 second day just started, with innocent minds yet to see the horrors of engineering etc, coming to participate in a series of Fun-Lit events.
I got a window seat [as if that helps] , and sat contemplating about my future strategies,my old MCQ tricks and the usual morale boosting cheer-up.
The paper was easier than I had expected [hope this shows in my ranks] , I managed to get a few toughies also. It was 12.30 before I knew it. Alas , Time had played its part.
So I gave my paper,came out, ate, attended a intense, photography-workshop by AstroMohan. A beautiful flute concert some time later.
Overall , Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.



  1. Hey, i loved this one, the best one the page(ON the page dude.., i dint say a word more).. Kudos, keep writing logik!