Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sakku Tetris

Narcissism should be the state religion.

Some 6 months ago, Sakku Tetris [ Sakkut ™ ], a weapon of mass distraction was
unleashed upon hapless nerds of NITK by the cranberry Zombie a.k.a
The Ghost who Codes, or more popularly known in dcpp circles as RatPoizon.

Random announcement: Tetris is a part of the bsd-games packaged
in the great archlinux.
[I swear, evil-chappar-sense
asked me to add that. Evangelism at its core].

Sure, we’ve all used those hand-helds before. What was it.. Ah . Yes. Brick game.

Laying bricks[ a term totally ripped by Ali G btw], in search for that
elusive long bar, that would just give it to the huge pile that you’d
meticulously planned, with just that one column space. An lo, behold.
Crasheth thy tower, Gaineth thou points.

But there is no fun in that now, is it?... Along came Skld.
With his generous spirit and cranberry heart, he sets up this amazing
tetris server in a jiffy. That too with all sorts of high score updates, linearly
graded levels with higher rewards and ball-shattering speeds.

The best part about Sakkut ™ is that there is no need to complete the tetris.
The faster you get em’ bricks down , the faster you earn, and the earlier
you f’kup and leave.

Now, you might be wondering. Why the fudge is this chap blabbering
about a game that even my dad would consider Victorian?

Aha. I happen to be the highest scorer, my dear… and a whopping 30k+ at that.

For the ones that did not understand even a single word until now, here’s the post in
Sakkut ™ for Dummies Picture Edition

Putty SSh

That, my friends is PuTTY, one of the best ssh, telnet clients out there.
Use this for tetris.
cmd sucks. and this terminal window looks way better.
Once this is done, you're hooked up with Sakku's comp.
Id Unta swamy?..

Login Skalar

Look at that picture carefully. Wtf. Colour ASCII Art, that too with your alias. Dude. Its 2008... Wake up...
And speaking of aliases, how many do you have, man?...

Once you're in, all that strikes you is one illustrious list of extraordinary gentlemen who have dedicated their precious NITKian schedules towards Sakkut ™.
Several cold wars, semi-trained Zulu Dances and a cut-throat competition in 8th block has led to the compilation of this awesome list.

High Scores and News

Lets dwell on this page for a while [ grin]...
8 out of top 10 scores. 30k. Not bad. Mission accomplished.
The 28k score happened to be when I was in a major inebriated state.
[ There, the first time that I've mentioned that I was high, on my blog.
I will not even attempt to chronicle my stupid endeavours under
the influence of substances.
Self Suck-Dingy.... ]
For details read N.R's alcohol blog.

A new section started by the Rat. For practical purposes, lets call it the tetris blog.
Or shall we call it the Never come out the room-Yet report sensational news- Journalism?.. Hmmm...

Ranging from motivational speeches to Soma/me during the famous
( Sakkut ™ Wars )
, to kick-in-the butt orders for Dha to join, or claims that a certain evil soul did some nasty hacking, or arbit couplish stuff, that only the gossip-freaks would be bothered with....
The best part about Soma's style of playing was the cool and the panache
with which he deftly manoeuvred.
@ Soma:- It's lonely at the top.... [ evil laughter]...
The modest Rat however fails to mention that he himself is an accomplished player, however owing to the sudden influx of jobless junta, he fails to appear more than once in that list.

Now the golden moment. What lies within such a heavily guarded fortress, so charmingly entwined with the tales of the geeks, so dazzlingly depicting the brilliant set of conquerors?.....
Well, Sakkut ™ of course....

What is provided here is a sample of the way the game ought to be played. It might appear too fast, and could be confused for an animation gimmick. Well, lets be frank here.
There was some post processing. Irfan view is an awesome image editing software, and a new discovery advp does a good job at creating animated gif's. But having screen captures at 1 sec intervals, what with that piece of software running on my lousy Tony, some glitches/ time lapses are bound to happen.
What is interesting is the level of F'kup's that happen in level 9. One mistake, and Sayonara...
Without further ado, a humble demo...

Game on

Tiny things in life bring you the greatest of joys. Sakkut ™ was my companion during many a stressful days.
The keys to freedom.

Finally I would like to sign off with a adapted quote from the best movie ever made. Yup. The Shawshank Redemption[ Suck on it, Godfather fans].
" Prison time is slow time.Sometimes it feels like stop-time.
So you do what you can to keep going...
Some fellas collect stamps.Others build matchstick houses.
Andy built a library."

Logik , Soma, Dha, RatPoizon, and evilsense played
Sakkut ™.

Thanks to Dha for this. It taught me how to use animated gif's in blogs.
Thanks to Google for being there as always. Thanks to Photobucket
and Imageshack for hosting.
And readers, watch this image, while I make a silent exit.

Kudos to John Battelle for being the first John on Google when
searched for John.
Yup, he beat John's Gospel, John Lennon, John F.Kennedy ,
John Deere and John Abraham too....
And juniors, might want to set up their own Sakkut ™.

We are alumni now..........

P.S: My Blogger theme sucks.
All those awesome animated gif's that took me ages to prepare have
been mercilessly chopped off.
A better way to read an elegant looking
post would be
to subscribe to my rss feed via Google reader, or via the
email service provided by feedburner.

[ Marketing is the cheapest job genre ever.....]
P.P.S: Anyone who has closely observed the P.S section
might catch the subtle chopping irony.



  1. for those who read through the post.. i am Dha...i am Sh00t... the second nick figures in the list of high scores [it was the top for a short period of time,- till Som bettered it]
    @logik... the quote from the shawshank redemption, and the fact that it is one helluva movie.. had already been mentioned in my blog..
    way back in Feb..

  2. @dha :- yup.. i think i'd seen it before on ur blog.. and i'm absolutely sure that it had to be urs... shawshank man.... ob...
    Universal it is. Just cannot be criticised for anything. Everything that was there was perfect.

    anyways... that quote was for the spirit of it... and to fit the next line that followed...
    Unintentional plagiarism I guess, what's more. It was in the same context.LoL
    Hope the thanks in the end is solace enough?....

  3. no hard feelings, mate...
    there were never meant to be any...
    i thought i had already acknowledged the sentence abt the thanks being already mentioned in the post... now, as i read my own comment.. i see that it is sorely missed...
    any sentences ripped from the Shawshank are always appreciated :)
    "some birds are not meant to be caged, their feathers are just too bright"

  4. @Dha :
    I hope I can make it across the
    border. I hope to see my friend
    and shake his hand. I hope the
    Pacific is as blue as it has been
    in my dreams.

    I hope.