Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My new Hobby

The frequency of my blog posting , which used to be 1 in 15 days, has now improved to 1 in one month, which has led to wide spread cheers amongst my fans. Arbit works have kept me busy during these days, none of which is any excuse for me not to post new stuff. I'm just lazy.

But, I have developed a new interest off late, in the pursuit of everything arbit. I'm devouring fresh blog content as and when its generated. And most of these blogs are by Bacchas[ for lack of a better word], the new kids on the block. Its fun, you see. We the veterans, the old generation bloggers, get enthused by seeing such new views, emanating from junta hitherto not known to be the elite literati.

Bulla. I'm just jobless man... Nothing more, nothing less..

Either way, I'm still passionate about reading stuff, and then giving my two-penny worth of insights to these people's views. So while hopping across the nitk blogosphere, you might catch my views at Blog 1[I loathe him, but his blog's decent], Blog 2[ decent] , Blog 3[ fiery], Blog 4[sucks] , Blog 5[promising], Blog 6[weird] etc.... Kindly ignore them.

And in case you're wondering if I have a writer's block or something, Do not worry. I don't.
Only good writers get that.

P.S:- The blogs that I read regularly out of genuine interest are missing from this list. You can find them on my blogroll.


Lame First year kid:- Yay. Logik's giving out free links. Let me start my blog.
Logik:- Screw you.

Sorry first years, my bad.. " lame" was redundant.


  1. just promising???
    and that, after i helped you script the main paragraph in your post?

  2. @ Ent...

    The frequency of your posting which is once in 15 -30 days has undoubtedly led to lots of "cheers" (read as OH THANK GOD!! respite from shitty literature) from your "numerous" (read as non-existent) "fans" (read as alter egos of Ent like Logik, Abhishek Upadhya et.al). And surely a "veteran" (read as Big-Mouthed foul blog writing) "blogger" (read as blogspot spammer) like you has every right to comment on others blogs. After all the feeling of "camaraderie" (read as jealousy) has been eating you for quite some time as other "inferior" (read as superior by light years) blogs eat out your popularity (which are on an all time low especially after the scintillating performance by ent at Crrescendo 07 Dj-nite) levels..

  3. I can see our veteran getting super paranoid. Dont worry man, as long as the kids survive, you survive.

  4. @ Dha:- Ur works are much above promising. But, unfortunately, I had to normalise the ratings [ LOL].
    Sorry bout that. Peace ..

    @ hashish: Ok, I accept that my popularity levels are low, but u must be a desperate pack rat to eat out of such meager levels.
    My scintillating performance has absolutely no connection with my blog. If u happen to see one, then u must be truly on hash...
    And for chrissake s stop putting brackets after every goddamn word and writing "[ read: some shit that's supposed to be something else]".
    I know ur not creative and all, but u can at least try..

    @evilsense:- I love getting paranoid... Remember "Marvin the robot", from hitchhiker's guide... That was inspired from me...
    Jus kidding. Blog and let blog. No issues...