Saturday, May 05, 2007

Poetry in (loose) Motion

Life@NITK apart from other things, has added a new weapon in my armour, a new arrow in my quiver so as to speak.I'm talking about poetry of-course.
My alpha-testing of extempore humour poetry initially started off as a cheap way to mimic the awesomely talented "Whose Line is it Anyway " guys, and their superb Hoe-downs.
But then, owing to our esteemed faculty, especially the non-department ones, I've had a chance to hone my skills. With that faltoo phone in my hand,right in the middle of the class ( ok front bench-to be specific),I've succeded in creating limericks ad-lib.And guess what, most of them were actually good. A few samples some time later.
But now to the essence of this post, off-late I've been trying my hand at other things( ok folks , don't get perverted ideas now). I'm referring to a more serious variety of verse.What peeeple call "Poetry".
With two poems already, I'm growing strong. With esteemed critics supporting me
{ Takaal, Vk, and most importantly an experienced poet by the name of Rajaram Ramachandran[ this chap is 76 years old] } I'm hoping that creative juices will continue to flow , and create master-pieces, that generations will cherish for-ever. Ok, lets not get hopes too high.
Look out William Wordsworth. Here I come.
Let's see if my Words are Worthy enough. [ Pun definitely intended ]

P.S:- Check out my poems at Poem-Hunter
Any comments, honours, awards,
(AND-OR) insults, "constructive-criticisms", kick-in-the-groin are most welcome.


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