Friday, December 15, 2006

Jump on to the Arbit Wagon!

These guys are looked upon as some kind of lit gods in our college. I mean, do they really deserve that much attention.For one - what they publish is not NEWS!. It is just a cynical view of something that has happened around 1 month back.For once , can they have a serious outlook about something!.
Case in point:- Investigative journalism done by "The Harvard Crimson" in the issue of Kavya Vishwanathan.We know the events that followed.
Can these guys do something like that? A long way to go, I think.The "standards" that they have set upon themselves is really low and the unfortunate point is the junta seems to like it( There's no choice anyway ). It'll be a difficult task to "uplift" the minds. But heck, the problem is no one is giving a try.
I remember asking Subbu ( Ubbus! , whatever) in the first year (First year enthu), about the nature of the college "newspaper", he refused to comment !.

P.S.:- I have " " many times. Sorry for that.
This article is inspired by a blogpost from Hasan about the same issue. I got the courage/stir to write this from his article.Thanks a Million!


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